How to Pack a Bag

Having Fun

How do you get a grip on reality? One way is to start with an idea that includes your glorious intention. Ask yourself ‘Do I have a purpose?’ And then ask, ‘Is my glorious intention matching that aim?’ What do I mean by glorious intention? What’s the difference between intention and glorious intention?

Glorious intention is the life objective that we are born with to develop. It’s that deep-rooted desire hidden away inside not just from everybody else but sometimes even from ourselves. There may be years of not acknowledging the real reason for living whilst at the same time satisfying all sorts of other goals that happen along and take us from our true life’s path.

Ask sincerely, ‘Is there a purpose to my life’ and listen to the reply. This is one way to recognize glorious intention. However, sometimes we ask that question but don’t really want to hear the answer. So, it hides under years of, ‘When I have the time I must look at that’.

A way to reach glorious intention is to dig deep. How far down to excavate depends on how deeply it’s been buried. Questions to ask are ‘Do I need to explore further?’ ‘Is there more to do here?’ Queiry every which way to make the situation clear. Use your own language because you will better relate to the responses that surface.

Ask, ‘Can I go deeper with my intention?’ ‘Can I make it glorious?’ Having glorious intention does not necessarily include or exclude material welfare. This is something you’d gladly do without being paid. Have an intention to become what you truly desire. Be clear and truthful with your plan. Give a lot of time to discover your real need. 

Question the connection to any want that comes up. Very often we are so ingrained with someone else’s idea of who we should be that this can override true feelings. We can get sidetracked for years. If the goal doesn’t feel comfortable with your inner self well then that particular motivation may not be for you. Question all the facets to see if they support your wanting. Glorious intention should bring joy just thinking about it.

Remember, at this stage nothing has actually been done outwardly. You’ll still look the same to everybody else but you will begin to feel the shift within. You are starting to take charge of your life. By this I don’t mean taking control. You don’t need to control anything. There is no forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t feel completely okay. Remember to be gentle with yourself but at the same time be firm in the direction you pursue toward your intention. Deep exploration can often uncover inner fears. However, when intention becomes passionate and certain the fears disappear.

There is no such thing as failure, there is only giving up. If you come up against an obstruction you might need to change the way of thinking. You may discover you’re actually closer to your goal than you appear. Altering just one part of the scheme could allow everything else to shift. Seeing then comes from a different perspective. Organize your thinking and be systematic.

It’s a bit like packing a bag. By dumping all the small things into the bag first, there won’t be room for the bigger items. How to pack a bag? I know because it’s something I do very well. Put the largest thing in first, then the second biggest, then the third etc. By the time you reach the small stuff they fit easily into the spaces between. It’s exactly the same when dealing with difficulties. Deal with the most troublesome first, then the next etc. When the smaller ones are reached they won’t feel like obstacles at all.

Having said all that, sometimes a plan is doomed from the start. Reality checks along the way are essential. I remember watching one of these talent-spotting TV shows. A contestant, whom I used to see about twenty years before and who liked to guest sing in lounges and pubs, was competing. He was aghast to discover, after this length of time that all the effort he had put into singing was in vain. Why? Because he is tone-deaf and that means, he sings out of tune. His hopes of ever being discovered as a singer were dashed in that moment. He had a desire that didn’t match his glorious intention.

When you do discover your desire you should get a feeling of freedom and expansion. Life somehow takes on a whole different meaning and you become alive, renewed with a new outlook. Think of everybody else that this intention is going to affect. However, be careful not to let their needs take over the dream to reach your goal. This is about your life not anybody else’s. You are entitled to live your life the way you want.

You’ll know if your need is on track because the pieces will begin to fit like a jig saw puzzle. If they’re not, then you may have to dig deeper to discover your true path.  Remember, it costs nothing but time to pursue glorious intention. However, if you’re not enjoying it or you feel you’re forcing things to happen, you may need to walk a different path.  So, be sure to have fun with it.