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THE WISDOM OF ORACLES is a thought provoking book that brings the reader on a journey through life’s experiences. For those who find themselves in a cul-de-sac of lost dreams, false hopes and desires, illness or discontent, the book describes how to move forward. It shows a way to dig out root problems and make connection to your authentic self. From being a survivor in an in-hospitable world you can become an explorer in paradise.

The book uncovers the history of fear to gain a greater understanding of it’s origin. As a race we have become embroiled in the survivor mentality. We take on board that ill ness is a part of life. However, ill ness in its many forms is not a natural part of the human condition. It is an alien. By accepting the undesired we open the gate to the many abuses in society.

Whilst children are connected in their innateness, the influence of the world gradually corrodes this unity so that eventually most adults choose to become almost totally disconnected from source. For many the main concerns are fear and protection. They in turn encourage the separations we experience in the world today. They include not only ill ness but anger, poverty, hunger, destruction of our planet, child pornography, drug abuse, war and a multitude of other maltreatments.

None of these conditions are a natural part of humanity. The disjointing elements place us on the road of survival. We have replaced truth with honesty, feeling with emotion and creativity with constructs. With the result we are collectively engaged in oppression as an accepted way of life.

However, we don’t have to stay in that state, there is another way. The book gives a practical lesson on how to re-connect to our innate selves. By using this communication in our everyday lives we help to eliminate abuse from the human condition. With our insights realigned on exploration we can evolve from our current demise bringing forth joy, love, wisdom and abundance.

The use of language, usually related to books of this nature is deliberately avoided so the reader does not get caught up in taken for granted terminology. The approach is different in that graphic characters are used to explain the main functions of the body and the innate connection making it possible to comprehend the basics of our makeup. The reader may need to study the characters carefully to glean understanding of their unique functions. However, the benefit of this is that the message absorbs slowly through the process of osmosis and has a more lasting effect on the psyche.

Although, a universal subject, the Wisdom of Oracles is primarily aimed at those who are seeking to question life. It is suitable for adolescents who will enjoy the challenge of discovering the characters and parents of young children can also engage them with effect.


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Price: €1.00

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The Ten Commandments form the base of society’s rules but how authentic are they? One question that occurs to me is, If humanity is supposed to have free will why are there rules? I begin to take a closer look at these controls, these guidelines for human interaction with God and realize that they are not as they seem. What I discover from deep questioning is a whole different understanding of what Moses transcribed, an interpretation that makes a lot more sense than the one we’ve been living with up to now. The suspicion arose within me, are the Ten Commandments the truth or are they somehow there to trick us? Hence, the title of my book Trick’r Truth.

There are many other queries that I explore in Trick’r Truth, things that I took for granted up to now but somehow they too make no sense. For example, the story of Adam and Eve doesn’t ring true for me particularly when their offspring are both male. With further probing I discover a different meaning to the elements in The Garden of Eden, what exactly is Paradise and what are the implications of separating from God. Indeed, who or what exactly is God?

The interesting discovery in Trick’r Truth is that there isn’t one word of command in the whole Ten Commandments. So, what does Moses intend when he climbs Mount Sinai? He asks the basic questions, Is there a purpose to life? Who is God? Why is there illness? How can we live in trust and truth? He tells us of the many stages of Creation and guides us toward connecting with the Universal Energy Field or what I call The Space Between Objects. He warns us of the dangers of straying from our authentic journey even gives us advice on how to retrace our steps should we lose our way. Moreover, it is clear that we have choice, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. However, there are consequences for expressing our feelings and emotions, how we think and what we do. This is why we need to pay attention as we explore the wisdom uncovered.

Overall, Trick’r Truth is a book of self realization and of authentic feeling, thought and action. What Moses discovered 2,500 years ago is how to stay in touch with our innate self and the benefit of connecting intentions with creation. It’s clear these are not The Ten Commandments. They are The Ten Truths.