Fairy Buckshot Enthusiasm

Poppy Pure

I grew up in an age where you could express your opinion as long as you kept it to yourself. As a result, I never realized I had a personal belief that was worth expressing. Even though I rarely agreed with other people’s judgements I felt that my view somehow wasn’t important. I never spoke out and at an early age was always enthralled by people who could talk freely no matter what it was they were saying. To be articulate, now isn’t that the great gift to have?

I’ve since learned that most opinions I hear are a crock. Regurgitations from a second hand source of one kind or another. Rarely is there an original idea or thought expressed. Another thing I learned from an early age is that few people listen to a belief that doesn’t substantiate their own already accepted way of thinking, adults in particular.

As a result only some make any major alterations to their life. It fascinates me to see that no matter in what circumstances a person is living the idea of changing the situation rarely enters the equation. In other words, a lot of people have fixed views with no real intention.

I remember one night arriving after dark to stay in a bed and breakfast near Conor Pass in Kerry. I didn’t get a chance to look around the house before going to bed. So, I’d no idea of the surprise that awaited me. When I came down for breakfast the next morning, it struck me. There was a breath-taking view of a gigantic cloud-filled mountain. It took up the middle distance of a substantial picture window in the breakfast room. Its form was constantly altering with the ever-changing light. Absolutely stunning!

After a long pause during which drinking in the sight transfixed me I said to the landlady, ‘you must be delighted with that magnificent view through your back window’. She peered disdainfully over her shoulder, out from her black cloud in the general direction of the window and muttered a fifty year-long sentiment saying, ‘I hate the fu’kn’ thing’. I was flabbergasted.

Her whole exterior form mirrored a gruff, weather-beaten lumberjack. I realized this poor woman was a victim of her environment. She had an unshakable opinion about her reality. It was difficult to stay in her company for everything she said brought doom to the fore. Nevertheless, I realized that a complement about how nice the sausages tasted and the unusual color of her dress exposed her marshmallow soul. She became all smiley and girly for an altogether brief few seconds. This unfortunate woman was a slave to fear and self-abuse.

Our ability to harness ill-treatment is frightening. Nay, its tragic in the extreme. The more horrific the circumstances the more protective we become of holding on to what we know. Fear engulfs our essence and distorts our perception. It robs us of a purposeful agenda. Now we become enslaved to survival and there seems no way out.

What guides us is a perception viewed from an imprisoned perspective. It’s a very narrow field to say the least. To step outside that view is what’s needed. But how do you do that when you’re in it? Such a dramatic step seemingly impossibility is self-defeating. However, there is an answer but it’s not a quick fix answer.

For a prisoner to see outside the walls takes imagination. To extend that imagination into a physical manifestation takes planning and focus. The intention must have determination and persistance. Very often we fantasize about how a better future could be possible and escape into that imagined world. But it remains an illusion because we invest none of our energy in intention.

We let off the fantasy that scatters like fairy buckshot. Our enthusiasm explodes and keeps us busy till the next tragedy strikes that buries us back into the predictable. By contrast, a strong determination motivates. It catapults the imagined circumstances into practical application. A single shot with a tight bullet aimed at the bull’s-eye is the deliberate focus .

Think long and deep about the intention. It is this first and foremost that will shape your success or failure. If you do not have a specific, well thought out and determined plan, you are putting your chances of success in the lap of the gods. You might as well put them away on a shelf. Worse still is placing them in the hands of other people, institutions, governments, religions etc. and their agendas.

When you do not specify intention, in a particular set of circumstances, you disempower yourself in that situation. You end up engaged in the herd mentality. Where there is an area in your life you’re experiencing difficulty, whether it’s in your work, personal, relationship, financial etc. nine out of ten times you will discover the cause of it at the level of your intention.

There’s no substitute for it. Your determination focuses the sights. It steadies the hand, calms the breathing and is watchful for opportunity. It is centered on the target whilst remaining single-minded in direction. Do yourself a big favor and spend the time it takes to focus. Work on your intention for any situation that you’re not completely joyful about. I guarantee you, it will change your life.

My next blog deals with the relationship we have with fear.