Seven Year Itch

Events are forever evolving but when I look back over my life I see that very seven years or thereabouts some major change happens to alter everything.

At age seven I was fearful but always inquisitive. By fourteen, I was a most confused teenager questioning everything. When I was twenty one I was thinking of buying a house and getting married and at twenty eight having a child. At thirty five my wife and I were going through a separation. I left my secure job as a draughtsman and for the seven years that followed, had no fixed abode.

During this time I decided to become a full time artist and in 1994 purchased Bective Church.  For the first time I felt that I belonged, I was home. The following seven year period was spent setting up the studio, building my career and exhibiting from home and at several other galleries.  The phase after that was spent with the Apollo Gallery.

In the next seven years I wrote my two books, ran a spiritual centre and met my partner Kinga. This was an interesting time during which I contemplated changing my career for the second time. There were workshops, events and talks held at the studio. Interesting speakers included Lisa Cairns, Tim Freak, Unmani, Richard Sylvester and many others. However, later I closed the spiritual centre and decided to concentrate wholly on painting and writing.

A new beginning heralded in the next seven years. I started painting in a completely different fashion. This isn’t unusual for me having invented many techniques over time. I can spend months or often years working one way before discovering another.

Abstract art I never considered before but now it seems a natural evolution. I painted a new collection called Creation which is the main theme of the books. Now I see how both my painting and writings are connected.

There is constant movement in my creations. I’ve recently changed the name from Boyne Art Studio to The House of Art. Who knows how the next seven year itch will be scratched.