john ryan, boyne art studio



The Creation Collection has 34 paintings of the Universal Energy Field, invisible energy in constant motion that contains all of Creation past, present and future in the Now. I call it The Space Between Objects because it’s all around us just like air. Included is the unlimited vastness between the planets and stars in outer space. The paintings show human interaction with the ever evolving Universal Energy Field.

Although we are immersed in the Universal Energy Field most of us are unaware of its existence. To recognize the Field is the focus. To engage the Space is to show an appreciation of the magic in which we live. Working with our conscious desires in relation to the Universal Field brings us closer to realizing our true creations. It is then we can appreciate the love, truth and joy of life.

The inspiration for this exhibition of paintings took place over 20 years ago as I was driving home from a residency in Kill Rialaig in Co Kerry. I stopped on Conor Pass just before dawn. In just a few minutes my whole perception of life was completely altered. I saw a vision that I took to be a message, an insight into creation transforming and realized just how our thoughts can influence the process of Creation. However, I didn’t fully realize the implication at the time. It took a series of events and years of probing to put everything together.

Does the Field hold answers to the questions of life? Is it possible that all energies live in the Void? Things that appear as just happenings, are they in fact manifestations of thoughts forming in the Now? If this is so what are the ramifications for each individual and for humanity? Can you imagine the possibilities open to us if we are able to tap into this vast energy and knowledge?

Many years after the sighting a download came to me in the form of a channeling. It answered the questions I had been asking throughout my life. That led me to write two books. ”The Wisdom of Oracles” explores our attitudes, values and behaviours, how we engage our lives and our essence. The second book, ”Trick’r Truth”, is a reinterpretation of ”The Ten Commandments” that is in fact a description of how to stay connected to the process of Creation.

What Moses discovered 2,500 years ago, we have misinterpreted. He didn’t transcribe The Ten Commandments for man that is supposed to have free will. That doesn’t even begin to make sense. He was asking the bigger questions about life. He wanted to know how human contradictions live side by side in the same space for example, Illness and health, poverty and wealth, starvation and obesity, unconscious abuse and conscious creation? There had to be a connection, something that bound these differences together.

The answers he received gave him an understanding of what science now knows as The Zero Point Energy Field. The Field holds these interactions in place and time and it is here I connect when I am painting or drawing. As I concentrate on The Space, what I desire and intend comes easily and as a clear communication. I’m always surprised at the vast variety of imaginative responses produced.

It is my view that everybody puts out intentions and receives messages. These interactions with the multiple energies of the Field create the circumstances in our lives whether we are aware of them or not. The more conscious we are of the connection between our innate selves and the Universal Energy Field the more authentic and pure are our creations. Consequently, the less we understand the association the more suffering, pain and illness we experience in our lives.

We are moving into a new and exciting era in the planet’s history where this awareness is becoming more widespread. As we enter the Zero Point Age the move forward is changing completely our perception of life. The promised coming is not in the form of a Saviour as it was perceived over the past 2,000 years. We are evolving into an age where everybody is able to realize their own Supernatural Powers. This is the beginning of a fantastic change in direction for humanity. The sooner we acknowledge it the better for our race.

Our ability to tap into Source Power comes through our innate connection. This is where imagination, invention, intuition, inspiration, instinct, insight, interpretation and innovation etc. through intention play a vital role. These are the neglected elements that we each need to re-develop as we enter the the New Age. Art is one area that nurtures and connects us to these natural inborn gifts.

This exhibition of the Universal Energy Field shows us what happens in the Space Between Objects and how with deliberate purpose the Field can be altered. When we interact consciously through our innate awareness we have the power to take charge of our destiny, to experience our full potential and to live a fulfilling life without abuse or illness, without fear or doubt and with the confidence of knowing our true selves from source.

Details of the paintings in THE CREATION COLLECTION

The Creation Collection is interconnected with my two books, ”The Wisdom of Oracles” and ”Trick’r Truth”. The books explore our values, behaviors and attitudes in relation to the rules of life humanity has created. The paintings show the Space Between Objects in action. How we as humans with innate intelligence and free will choose to interact in the physical world within the Universal Energy Field is the subject matter of the combined works.

The motivation to paint as with writing comes when there is a deep inner connection to my innate self. I completely trust the inherent source that operates with the Space Between Objects, staying open and keeping to the truth of what I feel. As I experiment, I find that my desires and intentions are what influence the process.

The Field is that invisible expanse on earth occupied for the most part by air. Taken further it is the vastness between planets and stars. In everyday life and as an artist I engage the Void constantly. It is my experience that herein lies the ability to create from an authentic place with my innate self.

The purpose of painting the Universal Energy Field is to make visible our interaction with the Space. To show how intention can influence Creation and alter the images and movement within the Field is the experiment.

The inspiration for the paintings occurred while travelling through Conor Pass over twenty years ago. So taken was I by the experience that it stayed vividly in my memory. During that time, I made many unsuccessful attempts to paint the scene.

I use an underwater technique devised by my partner Kinga and through experimentation took her technique to another level. Water, I realize, was the missing link in all my previous experiments at portraying the Field.

Transience, fleetness and a constant movement is evident in all the works. Images move from life-like depictions to almost representational and from semi-abstract to abstract. There is an obvious advancement from one painting to the next.

‘Summer’ is the first painting in the series. Although abstract, it has elements of the natural world. ‘Flight’ comes next and it is even more conceptual. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable with pure abstraction. I wanted the painting to have more of a physical appearance. So, I put some fleshy features into this painting. In hindsight, I might have been better off leaving it alone but I’m glad now I didn’t. Something unexpected happened after that. My desire and the intention to have identifiable features somehow altered the Field itself.

Even though the technique was the same as before the next paintings had very recognizable figures and faces. I realized that once I deliberately focused my intention, my purpose was reflected in the Energy Field. For the first time I could visibly experience the interaction as I was painting. Straight away, the Field mirrored my true intention. How was this possible?

I recalled a dream I once had of a river-bed that showed me the movement of forms in the water, what some call Shape Shifting (not at all an accurate description of what actually happened). It is where mass is fluid and malleable, able to transform immediately and effortlessly in direct response to its surroundings and instantly overcoming possible obstructions. This then, I realized, is what was happening in the Field.

My next picture, ‘The Trickster’, was followed by ‘Athena, Goddess of Wisdom’. Both these paintings have a strong physical appearance. This is when I fully realized I’m reflecting the visions I experienced at Conor Pass, the inspiration for the paintings.

‘Eclectic’, as the name suggests, presented a variety of images from various dimensions seemingly unrelated but nevertheless, all part of the one composition. In the following paintings the subjects became less corporal as I gradually let go of my need to be connected to the material world. By degrees, each new picture was moving toward the abstract. At this point my intention was fully open to discovering more about the Universal Energy Field and how it worked. My innate self interacting with the Space guided me further into the profound.

‘The Big Top’ was the turning point that unveiled both sides of the curtain. The riders and their horses are seen crossing over the Divine Divide as the mounted magician pulls two doves from his upturned hat to replace the disappearing entities. Spirits from the past appear in the tent pattern to witness the transfer.

Later, I painted ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Not Only Equine’. Figures are present in both these paintings. However, now I needed to spend much more time in searching them out. They are not so obvious. The newer images were less defined and as a result more difficult to interpret. I probed deeper into the painting to discover more of what was there. Do happenings occur without an observer, I asked? Do we notice more than that which is physical, how and at what depth? To what extent is our imagination at play?

In ‘Magic’ and ‘Shards’ the images were less defined becoming even more abstracted. ‘The Flight of Icarus’ showed the main character with gold wings that are not always seen. Their visibility depended on a precise angle of the light to reveal their presence.

‘Dragon’ unveiled a fleeting appearance, a ghosted impression of the monster. There was no actual image depicted in the Space. Rather, the imprint suggested its vacated presence. It formed as an energy, a phantom illusion embossed. The real dragon had taken flight. The residue was suspended like exhaust fumes from a car that has just sped off. The puff of a pungent cloud seemed to hang for a brief moment in mid-air before it too dissipated or evaporated.


A continuous flow of shifting, changing configurations evolve at varying rates of speed, presence, transparency and density. They rotate in a multitude of fleeting crystalizations. Some features appear almost invisible whilst others are very solid. At intervals the images reveal a hidden source, a spirit body, semi-transparent and the Field itself appears fugitive and translucent. In other moments the forms are obvious, opaque, tangible, tactile and distinct. A facet can be present on many levels of reality. The genesis is a continuous flow of energy always alive in timelessness.

Each feature of itself has meaning if you wish to define it. All can be seen to have individual personalities present on diverse frequencies or different levels of reality. Always, one gets the impression that the visitation is transitory, a fleeting, temporary exposure, a fluid, brief passing in a state of constant flux and transfiguring that is the Field in action. The genesis is a continuous flow of thought forms and energies alive moment by moment.

In this subatomic world of pure potential nothing is predictable. Within the Universal Energy Field, the material world and non-physical realities co-exist. There occurs a vast continuum of fluctuating change. As we interact our unconscious and conscious awareness also bring energy to the Space Between Objects. Thus, we create individual, ever evolving formations that exist in the Field.

A presence can be from alternative dimensions, other realities. Because we ourselves are anatomical we don’t always knowingly experience the non-tangible. We cannot see or feel it through the five senses and therefore, may not acknowledge its existence or even know it is possible. However, it may be felt unconsciously at a deeper knowing level through the innate connection as an uneasy feeling, for instance, or an unexplained awareness.

Occasionally, when frequencies match, some visions may be recognizable to us. Only then can we get a glimpse of their manifestation. For example, sometimes people see spirits from a different realm. When in contact with us these entities can take on a recognizable presence even though they are not of themselves earthly. They may assume any structure or shape at will. Their formations are without restriction.

The paintings show transient creation in the Universal Energy Field at various stages of development, the overlapping of multi-dimensional facets. Visions inter-relate between the physical and the innate at various levels of existence superimposing on one another. Each element is an intriguing part of the whole. Independent features evolve in the moment and at their own distinctive rate depending on which particular frequencies they occupy.

There is not just the sequential world in which we live for that is only one possibility in a great number of choices. Multi-dimensional creation is alive with continuous motion existing in the Field where anything and everything is possible. The only certainty is that change is imminent. This movement is essential to creation. There are no confines to exploration. Expansion is limitless and in the moment.

Conformity and repetition of form are non-existent outside this linear world of ours. Ever changing elements and patterns are the norm. Transformation is as natural as altering cloud forms in a stormy sky. What we see here is the material merging with the indigenous and how they interact and impact on one another. There is no separation.

Equally, there is no right way up. A painting when rotated can give a completely different set of energies that resonate from a new perspective. Each viewer finds his or her own level of acceptance and interaction.

The paintings show Creation in the Universal Energy Field as it interacts with our world. At present these energies are invisible to most. However, as we develop our innate abilities and consciously interact with the Field  our awareness of the elements and the vital role they play in our lives becomes more and more apparent.