Where Egoes Dare

Circus Clown

When we consider ego we usually take into account only one of its two parts and give it the full title of ego. An analogy of this is like calling a peach stone, the peach. The stone is not the peach. It’s only part of the peach and not the tasty part either. It’s the same with ego. The section we generally assume is the complete ego is just the stone. Although, the rest we don’t actually acknowledge, it’s the more interesting and important part. This portion is called the innate or the ego’s essence and doesn’t show in our physical body although, we can feel its presence. Most of the problems we experience are because we separated the two main aspects of ego.

There are three influences to the physical presence of ego, the brain, the heart and the reproductive system. These I call the generators because they are responsible for generating us. Note, I don’t say motivating, because, the non-physical element of ego is the motivator, that which exists outside the body in the form of universal energy. 

In this part of ego there are also three aspects, the innate, the manifesting of the innate and the activating of the innate. In other words the being, the seen and the doing. Let me explain just what I mean and by way of example I’ll take an artist as the subject.

I can say ‘I’m an artist.’ I don’t have to actually do anything as an artist, I just am. Even if I never paint another picture, the fact remains I am an artist. Being and manifesting are two separate factors. The manifesting of my being an artist is seen in the paintings I have produced, my gallery, my studio, my paints, easel, home, the way I dress etc. And the activating of my being an artist is in my current activity. For example, I am now in the process of painting a picture or I’m giving a talk about art, etc. These three aspects are the makings of an artist in creation. The being, manifesting and activating are the three natural essences in any human or in any creation.

By innate I mean the creative side of humanity – imagination, intuition, invention, inspiration, insight, instinct etc. It does not originate from the generators in the body. Rather these elements are available when we connect with the universe. These gifts are what define us as creative humans and are the basis of humanity and our creations. This may begin to sound complicated, but stick with it I guarantee, it’s worth knowing.

Manifestation of the innate happens through the generators, although they in themselves are not the manifestation, but they facilitate the manifesting. This is how we can confuse ego and consider only its physical aspects. 

Likewise, the activation is available through the five senses when the generators connect, although they are not in themselves the activator. And this is the crux of the matter. Most people in the world disconnect from the authentic part of their ego and this can cause us to relate to the world and one another in a purely physical way, through partial and disfigured ego.

So, what happens when we ignore our innate connection and engage the world only through our generators? The generators assume a new role in our life even though they are ill-equipped to deal with the situation. They are designed to work under the guidance of the innate. However, since we have free will there is choice. Rather than work under the original motivator, the innate self, the individual now chooses to give control of the body to the generators. They thus, self-generate.

Now a further complication occurs, because they have lost connection with the innate and since it is this original bonding that connects the three generators together, they instantly disconnect from one another.

What happens when the generators separate? The brain goes off in its own direction and logic appears as an entity in itself (we call this thinking but it’s not thinking). The heart likewise has its own agenda and emotion becomes the focus of attention. Incidentally, we mistakenly call this feeling, even though we’re ignoring first connection. Likewise, the reproductive system generates a singularly physical reaction or response to the world. This construct we mistakenly call creativity but, as with the brain and the heart, it is not.

Our generators fly off in three different directions and this is what causes apparent internal conflict within the human condition. This is often mistakingly identified as ego. It is how some consider their brain’s function more important than their heart and why others go with the heart when the head seems totally against it. And it is why both navigate in the opposite direction to the physical actions of the reproductive system. Unless, for instance, you’re a teenager, or you are physically orientated (and I say this as a generalization), in which case actions can more often speak louder than logic or emotion.

Each generator has a separate, specific function. Together, under the motivating of the innate connection, they are creation in action. But separated, although they don’t intentionally work against one another, it seems as though they are doing just that. 

The generators in this scenario become our new internal but scattered projecting forces, even though it is not the original order of things. The brain is usually the source, the heart usually manifests the ideas and the reproductive system, more often than not, activates in response. 

Any of the generators can take the lead in any one of these roles. This can generate conflict within the individual. Taken to an expanded level it affects people, organizations, religions, parties and even countries.

When working together under the motivating of the innate, the generators combine and become the perfect creator. Separately they move as disjointed entities and the person’s activities become intellectual, emotive constructs that spiral repeatedly in unimaginative sameness, driven by the strongest generator. Indeed, this is how you know if your generators are operating separately, life unfolds in a driven response instead of being motivated. For example, some people struggle all their lives, driving themselves to success and in the end their efforts can become meaningless because they are generating and lack the essential connection.

A problem here is that out of ignorance we now call being generator driven, motivating. But motivating is a different kettle of fish altogether, nothing to do with being driven. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if you’re being driven to do anything, you are now on a path of self-destruction and you may need to look closely at which of the three generators is doing the driving.

What seems like internal conflict occurs when the three generators take control simultaneously and indecision is the outcome. Or if one of the generators becomes dominant, frustration, guilt, or a general dissatisfaction prevails. In the long run, this is a main cause that leads to illness and abuse not only personally but collectively.

Where a person is constantly struggling with internal conflict, it’s a sure sign of generator scattering. The positive news is, most likely it isn’t anything else. The cure is self-manageable. In the same way as you have gotten into the situation, you can take yourself back out again.

Understanding the how and why of ego is half the battle. After that you can apply yourself to managing your whole personal ego by taking charge through the innate and not trying to control just the physical aspect of your ego.

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