Did You Ever Soldier Your Ego?

The Conversation

I’d like to make it clear about ‘ego’. Ego is singularly the most important aspect of a person’s personality. However, it is also the most abused part. It is through our egos that we place our selves on the world’s various platforms as individuals.

One function of ego is to enable us to move forward and embrace change. Among other things, it’s a motivator that propels us to fulfill desires created by our imagination. Or at least, it could be if we had the wherewithal to realize its full potential.

A priority needs to be the education and development of the ego because we deeply neglect this area. But before we do that, it would be helpful to know how exactly we measure this thing we call ego? How do we outline the limits of ego? Where does ego come from? How do we define it and then, when we do define it, how do we engage ego to the best advantage?

Basically, from what I can see, we haven’t a clue how the ego works. When we see the ego in action, we are in most cases witnessing what is actually an illness, a sham, a diabolical distortion of the truth. The truth is reflected in ego , and when we place it outside of truth, we see that it becomes a lie, a monster altogether unrecognizable.

However, because we have little or no understanding of the true nature of the ego we assume this intruder we’re witnessing is in fact the real thing, the genuine article. But, we’re mistaken and we view this interloper through unfocused lenses because the lenses we’re using are our own distorted partial egos. The result of this distortion is a bit like living in a fort or castle and never going outside. Our whole world exists inside the boundary of the walls. Very often we’re just too busy in our own daily routine to make connection with the outside world. We rarely look over the protected parapet and when we do, we don’t like what we see.

So, we stay within the fortified walls that we’ve built, protected against knowing the truth of the world. We don’t engage what we call the outside world, that is, anything that doesn’t fit the accepted norm. Inside, is a small playing field indeed with players reveling in the daily stew of insular interaction. This occurs when we mismanage ego and our view of life becomes disfigured.

We narrow the area down to what’s comfortable and we’re afraid to explore, or see little point in venturing beyond our limits. We’ve cut ourselves off from the truth behind ego and are living within the limits of our narrow misunderstandings. Our view of life is bottle necked. We regurgitate outmoded ideas. We inbreeding ignorance, then cover it. A result of that close-knit relationship is a kind of collective agreement, disfigured, hard-boiled and arrogant.

To protect ourselves from ourselves, we build the walls higher and fortify not realizing that the culprit is within. We’ve reached the limits of our inbreeding of ignorance, the disease is killing us off like flies but still we don’t react responsibly. Retribution becomes our justifying ally. We blame others outside and inside the wall for the rot. By way of a cure, we hurtle misdirected energy and fire pucks of money toward a black hole in space to offset the decay, clinging on for dear life to a unanimous ignorance.

So rapid is this decay now, that it’s burning our safety level like a hot soldering iron through Jenny’s polyester blouse. Unbelievable, we down drugs like there was no tomorrow to dull the guilt and prove our helplessness. Amazing, we go to war and actually kill other people and then justify the act self-righteously. Astonishing, we’ve plundered and raped our own mother earth not just once but continuously we do it, every moment of every day. Remarkable, I’d say is our acceptance of poverty, abuse and child pornography as though they are someone else’s problem.

But then, these are just a few horrors in a list as long as an orangutan’s arm. The point I’m making is that it’s not ego that allows these things to happen. This is a distorting of a small part of ego, what we call ego but it’s not the complete ego.

My next blog will take the subject of ego further and define what exactly is ego, the advantages of discovering its true characteristics and how to change current misunderstanding.